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Career Services

Tips to Prepare for the Public Health Career Fair

Important information to help you prepare for the 2014 Public Health Career Fair:

1. Resumes - Shorten resume to one or two pages (front & back)

Be sure education is highlighted properly
Include only bullets for most current experience (1-2 bullets)
Adjust margins to fill page -(L=0.5”, R=0.5”, T=0.5”, B=0.5”)
Add publications (if applicable)
Condense Professional Development
Choose most relevant categories (language & computer skills)

2. "Map out" employer tables

3. Create a "Top 12 List" - Choose between 12-15 employers you would like to visit & break them into different tiers

4. Career Fair Etiquette


1.Do bring resumes & business cards (if you have them)
2.Do bring positive attitude - You can't be enthusiam
3.Do bring a game-plan - research employers before the fair
4.Do bring questions - think of questions you might want to have answered when meeting face-to-face
5.Do follow-up - after the fair be sure to contact individuals to either thank them or to get more information


1.Don’t cruise with friends or wait in long lines
2.Don’t eliminate employers - Visit employers you have not heard of
3.Don’t drop-off your resume - Leaving your resume on the table and not talking to employers is not a good idea
4.Don’t ramble - Avoid spending too much time at one employer
5.Don’t come in the last ½ hr - Most employers will start packing up towards the end of the fair.


Contact the Career Services Office directly to get more details about this career fair.

Paul Hutchinson
Assistant Director, Career Services

Penny White
Sr. Admin. Coordinator, Career Services