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Tips to Prepare for the Public Health Career Fair

Important information to help you prepare for the 2015 Public Health Career Fair:

1. Update your resume

•Shorten resume to one or two pages (front and back is OK)
Be sure education is highlighted properly
Include only bullets for most current experience (1-2 bullets)
Adjust margins to fill page -(L=0.5”, R=0.5”, T=0.5”, B=0.5”)
Add publications (if applicable)
Condense Professional Development
Choose most relevant categories (language & computer skills)

Be sure to visit the Career Services Resume Resource page for more samples and suggestions

2. "Map out" employer tables

3. Create a "Top 12 List" - Choose between 12-15 employers you would like to visit & break them into different tiers

4. Career Fair Etiquette

1.Do bring resumes & business cards (if you have them)
2.Do bring positive attitude - You can't be enthusiam
3.Do bring a game-plan - research employers before the fair
4.Do bring questions - think of questions you might want to have answered when meeting face-to-face
5.Do follow-up - after the fair be sure to contact individuals to either thank them or to get more information
1.Don’t cruise with friends or wait in long lines
2.Don’t eliminate employers - Visit employers you have not heard of
3.Don’t drop-off your resume - Leaving your resume on the table and not talking to employers is not a good idea
4.Don’t ramble - Avoid spending too much time at one employer
5.Don’t come in the last ½ hr - Most employers will start packing up towards the end of the fair.

Helpful information from the 2014 Public Health Career Fair