Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Idenity Guidelines

Informal Memos and News Releases
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Memos and news releases can be laser printed on the pre-printed shell template. Examples of how these can be customized are shown here. A Microsoft Word document template which includes margins and formatting styles is available, click here. "Memo" and "News Release" can be inputted into the Word template along with main copy and then printed out on the shell.

News releases should be used for all external press releases, announcements, or other high-level communication needs. All news releases are developed at the Office of External Affairs. News releases and memos that are two or more pages long should continue on a blank second sheet with the same margins.

Typographic Specifications
Document Title: Times New Roman,
20 point

Headline: Times New Roman Bold,
18 point

Subhead: Times New Roman Italic,
14 point

Body Copy: Times New Roman,
10 point

Contact Info: Times New Roman Bold,
10 point, flush right

Page numbers should appear on the second and subsequent blank second sheet pages .5" from the paperís right edge and .5" from the bottom edge.

News Release

Customizable in the Microsoft Word document template