Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Idenity Guidelines

Core Identity Elements Logo: Introduction
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The Schoolís logo is a visual representation of the positioning statement. It is composed of two parts; the icon and the name.

The icon combines two important visual elements: the globe, which represents the international scope of the Schoolís commitment; and the flame, suspended above the globe, which signifies the flame of learning lighting the way to the future. Other impressions and concepts embodied in the icon are hope and protection. Both elements are enclosed in a modified shield shape that connects us to the Schoolís long history and the University seal.

Because the name of the School is quite long, the typography is clearly stacked in order to facilitate legibility. Finally, Bloomberg is introduced in a clear and confident manner.

The blue color was chosen for its historic association with health and serenity, and the olive color is a unique complement.

Various approved logo files are available for download, click here.