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Newly Discovered Virus Could Aid Mosquito Control

According to researchers, a newly discovered mosquito virus could one day be used to pass on new genetic information to An. gambiae mosquitoes as part of a strategy to control malaria.

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Expanding Research of Malaria-Spreading Mosquitoes
Researchers have developed a new method for studying the complex molecular workings of Anopheles albimanus, an important but less studied spreader of human malaria.

To Eliminate or Eradicate Malaria?
Studies suggest eliminating malaria has long lasting benefits for many countries. Furthermore, total eradication of malaria may not be necessary before countries that eliminate the disease within their own borders can rely on their health systems to control cases.

Preventing Mosquitoes from Transmitting Malaria
Genetically modifying a bacterium commonly found in the mosquito’s midgut kills the malaria-causing parasite in mosquitoes carrying the modified bacterium.

No Antibodies, No Problem
Researchers have determined a new mechanism by which the mosquitoes’ immune system can respond with specificity to infections with various pathogens, including the parasite that causes malaria in humans, using one single gene.