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Infectious Diseases

Faster Tuberculosis Test

School researchers developed a new, rapid test for tuberculosis that produces results within a week, compared to a month turnaround time for the current culture-based testing.

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Identifying Risks for Antibiotic-Resistant Infection
People who live near livestock or in livestock farming communities may be at greater risk of acquiring, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, or MRSA. This study is the first to suggest the importance of indirect routes of transmission of livestock-associated MRSA.

Dengue Virus Turns On Mosquito Genes That Make Them Hungrier
For the first time, research shows that infection with dengue virus turns on mosquito genes that makes them hungrier and better feeders, and therefore possibly more likely to spread the disease to humans. Specifically, dengue virus infection of the mosquito’s salivary gland triggered a response that involved genes of the insect’s immune system, feeding behavior and the mosquito’s ability to sense odors.

Plans Not Complete for Flu Pandemic
A third of the countries that have developed plans to respond to an influenza pandemic do not prioritize who should get vaccinations, antiviral medications and other critical resources, according to a JHSPH study.

More Pertussis in States with Lax Immunization Laws
States that make it easier for parents to avoid vaccinating their children are associated with a higher incidence of pertussis, investigators report.

Prediction Model for Hantavirus
Using satellite imagery, School scientists were able to forecast an increase in hantavirus infections in the Four Corners region of the U.S.