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Improving Clinical Trials -- A Systems Based Approach

Cambridge, MA, United States


This project utilizes systems thinking and design principles to identify and map the current clinical trial process, identify breakdowns in the process and develop strategies to address those breakdowns. By taking a broad view of the system our goal is to identify areas that have not been addressed which will have a major impact on the system as a whole.

We recognize that there are many groups looking deeply into the individual pieces of the clinical trial process and we plan to work with them as we take this broader perspective. The intent of the project is not to compete with but to augment current work being done.

The project will use the tools that engineers and architects are trained in, to visualize the current system, a potential future state and pathways to get there. A critical component of this strategy is that we do not enter the project with a hypothesis to test. We model the current state and work back to identify critical breakdowns, then move forward to address those breakdowns.

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