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  • Projects Acute Febrile Illness and Antimicrobial Resistance Patterns in Pune, India
  • Projects ART Study 1: Database: Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS and Associated Comorbidities in a Public Antiretroviral Treatment (ART) Clinic at BJGMC in Pune
  • Projects Barriers for Intervention to Prevent Occupationally Acquired TB in HCWs
  • Projects Characterization of the Genotype/Phenotype Correlation for Drug Resistant TB in India and Its Clinical Application
  • Projects Characterization of the Human Virome in Pune, India
  • Projects COMBIND Prevention of Maternal to Child Transmission Study: Community Home Based India Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV
  • Projects Diagnosis of Tuberculosis Infection and Th1 Immune Response in Pregnant Women in India
  • Projects HIV-TB Fogarty Research Training Program
  • Projects Impact of Immune Changes of Pregnancy on Tuberculosis
  • Projects Improved Cookstove Intervention to Improve Markers of Respiratory Health
  • Projects Optimizing Treatment to Improve TB Meningitis Outcomes in Children
  • Projects Predictive Value of Tuberculosis-symptom Screen in HIV-infected and HIV-uninfected Pregnant Women in Pune, India
  • Projects Regional Prospective Observational Research in Tuberculosis (RePORT): c-TRIUMPh: Cohort for Tuberculosis Research by the Indo-US Medical Partnership
  • Projects Report India Executive Commitee Support (C-TRIUMPH)
  • Projects RePORT; India Common Protocol: Cohort for Tuberculosis Research by the Indo-US Medical Partnership
  • Projects Residual Respiratory Impairment Following Pulmonary Tuberculosis
  • Projects Risk of Tuberculosis among Health Care Workers and Trainees in a Tertiary-care Hospital in Pune, India
  • Projects Studying the Molecular Mechanisms Leading to Suppressed Immunity in Pregnancy and Studying the Relationship between Diet, Gut, Microbiome, and Inflammation during Pregnancy

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