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Clayton D. Harro,

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School of Public Health HH 117c
Baltimore , Maryland


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Dr. Harro directs the Enteric Vaccine Evaluation Unit at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Immunization Research. In this capacity he oversees the clinical development and evaluation of enteric vaccines and challenge models for bacterial and viral pathogens associated with infectious diarrhea such as ETEC, Shigella, Salmonella, Campylobacter, Cholera, Norovirus, and Rotovirus. Since 2009, he has challenged more than 250 subjects with ETEC strain H10407 as well as an additional 60 subjects with Shigella and Norovirus.  Previously, Dr. Harro collaborated with the National Cancer Institute to design and conduct the first ever Phase I/II human papillomavirus (HPV) type 16 vaccine trials in North America, the results of which fueled large-scale clinical development and licensure of preventive cervical cancer vaccines by pharmaceutical partners. He also served as the PI for more than 70 NIH and industry sponsored Phase I/II preventive, S. aureus, HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and influenza vaccine trials.  Dr. Harro has also served as a site development and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training consultant for a variety of non-governmental organizations building clinical trial capacity.

  • ETEC
  • E.coli
  • shigella
  • campylobacter
  • cholera
  • vaccine
  • travelers diarrhea
  • enteric
  • rotovirus
  • norovirus
  • HPV, human papillomavirus vaccines