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James L. Weeks, ScD

  • Associate Professor - Adjunct

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301 299 0789

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Occupational Injury Prevention (emphasis in Mining, Construction, Manufacturing)

  • occupational injuries, fatalities, in mining, construction, &
  • manufacturing
  • injury prevention
  • public policy
  • Hisao H, Simeonov P, Pizatella T, Stout N, Mcdougall V, Weeks J. Extension-ladder safety: Solutions and knowledge gaps. Int J Indus Ergo. 38:959-965, 2008

  • Weeks, JL. Strategy for Preventing Pneumoconiosis. Chinese J. Ind Hyg Occ Dis, 25(3):184-6, 2007.

  • Weeks JL. Essential of the Mine Safety and Health Administration. in Levy BS, Wegman DH, Baron SL, and Sokas RK, Eds. Occupational and Environmental Health, 5th Ed., (2006), Philadelphia, Lippencott.

  • Weeks JL and Rose C. Metal and Non-Metal Miners’ Exposure to Crystalline Silica. Amer J Indus Med. 46(7):523-34, 2006.

  • Weeks JL. The Mine Safety and Health Administration’s Criterion Threshold Value Policy Increases Miners’ Risk of Pneumoconiosis. Amer J Indus Med. 46(6):492-98, 2006.