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Anne W. Riley, PhD

  • Professor

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615 N. Wolfe Street
Room E4539
Baltimore, Maryland 21205

410 955 2303

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PhD, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, 1986
MS, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, 1982


My primary research interests involve interventions to reduce the negative effects of child and parental mental disorders on the functional outcomes of youth; the development of health in childhood and its influence on school performance; the nature and measurement of functioning in youth with mental health problems; the role of health services in the prevention and treatment of mental disorders in youth; and the development of instruments to assess health and mental health.

My collaborator, Christopher Forrest, now at U Penn, and I are conducting a longitudinal study of the influence of child health on the school performance of students as they transition from elementary to middle school and also begin their pubertal development. Using an accelerated longitudinal design, we will be able to describe the trajectories of health and school performance for children from 9 through 13 years. We are planning to continue monitoring these youth and families into high school. Also planned is a study of the effects of school-level and neighborhood factors health and school performance in these rural youth.

Currently, I am writing up the results of a study of the outcomes of a group of low-income, multi-ethnic, 4-10 year old children whose mothers were treated for depression.

Based on the poor outcomes of the children of depressed mothers who receive evidence-based depression treatment, we have developed and are refining an intervention to build resilience in children and families affected by parental depression. We work in mental health clinics to ensure the program becomes a viable, sustainable adjunct to the treatment of depression in mothers and fathers. Currently staff in 2 local outpatient mental health settings are delivering the program as a routine service.

In collaboration with Dr. Linda Rose in the JH School of Nursing, we are investigating the needs and preferences of patients in primary care settings regarding the invovlement of their family members in their treatment for depression.

In collaboration with faculty at the University of Maryland, I am continuing to foster the adoption of an internet-based system for monitoring the progress and outcomes of youth in mental health treatment or in out-of-home placement. This system can be used to improve the quality of care for youth with special needs.

My colleagues and I have recently completed the development and validation of a new generic health status instrument, the Child Health and Illness Profile-Child Edition (CHIP-CE) which allows children 6-11 years to report on their own health. A parent version has also been developed and validated. This instrument complements the CHIP-AE for adolescents. Together health can be assessed in youth 6 years old through young adulthood to describe their needs, and evaluate and monitor outcomes over time. The CHIP-CE has been translated into 21 languages and is being used around the world to evaluate the outcomes of children. Information on the CHIP family of questionnaires is available of the CHIP website

I am co-developing a seminar series and a course on family health and health policy, and will continue to teach the course on "Teaching at the University Level," 3rd term.

I am active on the Board of Directors of the Advocates for Children and Youth (ACY), a state-wide organization that evaluates the needs of families and children to help set the legislative agenda to promote child well being, and monitors and testifies on legislation affecting children and families. Opportunities for students to participate in this process are available.

Honors and Awards

Joint Appointment, Department of Psychiatry, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine 2000-2001 - Advising, Mentoring, and Teaching Recognition Award

  • Child health mental health family health policy health services research health status measurement maternal depression parental depression family intervention prevention of psychiatric disorders
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