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Romesh Silva, PhD

Assistant Scientist

Departmental Affiliation(s):

International Health

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Contact Information

615 N. Wolfe Street
Room E8620
Baltimore , Maryland   21205



PhD , University of California, Berkeley , 2013
MA , University of California, Berkeley , 2007
MIA , Columbia University , 2003

Demographic Methods; Mortality; Civil Registration; Demography of Armed Conflict; Health and Human Rights; Forced Displacement; Famine Demography; Indirect Estimation Methods.

    Select publications:

  • Jeff Klingner and Romesh Silva (2013). “Combining Found Data and Surveys to Measure Conflict Mortality.” in Counting Civilian Casualties: An Introduction to Recording and Estimating Nonmilitary Deaths in Conflict, ed. by Taylor B. Seybolt, Jay D. Aronson, and Baruch Fischhoff. Oxford University Press, p. 147-164.

  • Silva, Romesh (2012) Child Mortality Estimation: Consistency of Under-Five Mortality Rate Estimates Using Full Birth Histories and Summary Birth Histories. PLoS Med 9(8): e1001296.

  • Silva, Romesh & Jeff Klingner (2011)  “Quantitative Social Science Methods” In Encyclopedia of Transitional Justice. Eds. Lavinia Stan and Nadya Nedelsky. New York, NY: Cambridge University Press

  • Silva, Romesh & Megan Price (2011) “Indirect Sampling to Measure Conflict Violence: Trade-offs in pursuit of data that are good, cheap, and fast” Journal of the American Medical Association, Vol 306, No. 5, pp. 547-548.

  • Silva, Romesh and Patrick Ball. (2007) "The Demography of Conflict-Related Mortality in Timor-Leste (1974-1999): Empirical Quantitative Measurement of Civilian Killings, Disappearances & Famine-Related Deaths” In Statistical Methods for Human Rights, J. Asher, D. Banks and F. Scheuren, eds., Springer (New York), p. 117-139.