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Emma Beth McGinty, PhD

Assistant Professor

Departmental Affiliation(s):

Health Policy and Management

Center & Institute Affiliation(s):


PhD , Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health , 2013
MS , Columbia University Teachers College , 2006


Emma “Beth” McGinty, PhD, MS: My research focuses on how health and social policies affect mental health and substance use.  I have two primary areas of research interest.  First, I study policy issues at the intersection of criminal justice policy, mental health policy, and substance use policy.  For example, I am interested in how policies to prevent people with serious mental illness from having guns affect stigma, mental health treatment seeking, and gun violence; how health and criminal justice policies can reduce non-medical use of prescription pain medications; and how illegal drug markets affect community violence.

My second area of research interest involves integration of somatic medical, behavioral, disability and other social services for persons with mental illness.  My research examines the potential for integrated services to improve quality of healthcare and health outcomes among those with mental illness. 

Honors and Awards

Maryland Healthcare Commission Research Fellow, 2011-2013

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Sommer Scholar, 2009-2013

mental illness

substance use


disability policy

social policy

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  • McGinty EE, Webster DW, Barry CL (2013).  Gun Policy and Serious Mental Illness: Priorities for Future Research and Policy.  Psychiatric Services, 65(1): 1-9

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  • McGinty EE, Baker S, Steinwachs D, Daumit G (2012).  Injury risk and severity in a sample of Maryland residents with seirous mental illness. Injury Prevention, 19: 32-37