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Martin S. Andersen,

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624 N. Broadway
Hampton House 456
Baltimore , Maryland   21205


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My research agenda is built around two main themes—health insurance and provider behavior.


Lately, my research on health insurance has emphasized the effects of health insurance on mortality and other health outcomes. Currently, I am studying the Swiss health insurance system and the subsidy program used in canton Vaud (with Simona Grassi and Mark Dusheiko). Our preliminary results indicate that the subsidy program reduces mortality among older individuals. Work on insurance choice indicates that increases in the subsidy result in individual’s choosing higher deductible plans, particularly for younger individuals. I am also working on how health insurance affects treatment choice among individuals with high-cost diseases, using the cancer setting.

My second research theme, on provider behavior, is currently oriented around a small handful of projects relating to changes in the practice and social environment in which physicians work. I am particularly interested in how physician preferences affect the care received by patients and how changes in the personal circumstances of physicians affect patient care.

health insurance, mortality, physicians, physician behavior