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Jill Owczarzak, PhD

  • Assistant Professor

Departmental Affiliations

Contact Information

624 N. Broadway
Hampton House 739
Baltimore, Maryland 21205



PhD, University of Kentucky, 2007
MA, University of Kentucky, 2002


My research applies the methods and theoretical perspectives of medical anthropology to understand public health policy and practice related to HIV risk, prevention intervention development, and program implementation. I work in both the United States and in Eastern Europe. My current reserach examines how 4 different community organizations deliver the SISTA program, an HIV prevention intervention developed for African American women. This mixed-methods project, which I lead with Steve Pinkerton at the Medical College of Wisconsin's Center for AIDS Intervention Research, uses in-depth interviews, observations, and quantitative assessments to understand how community-based agencies respond to their clients’ needs through HIV prevention and other programs. It also explores how agency staff use and modify evidence-based, researcher-developed HIV prevention interventions to meet these needs; and how organizational context, including funding and policy, affect these processes. 

I also lead a research project in Ukraine that studies a model of intervention development that provides agency staff with the tools to develop their own evidence-based prevention programs by teaching them “common factors” of successful HIV prevention interventions. This strategy can potentially increase the capacity of HIV prevention organizations to deliver much needed, culturally relevant risk reduction interventions.

  • HIV prevention, implementation research, qualitative methods, Eastern Europe

Selected Publications

    Owczarzak, Jill. (2012). Evidence-Based HIV Prevention in Community Settings: Provider Perspectives on Evidence and Effectiveness. Critical Public Health 22(1):73-84.

    Owczarzak, Jill, Dickson-Gomez, Julia, Convey, Mark, and Weeks, Margaret. (2013). What is “Support” in Supportive Housing: Client and Service Providers’ Perspectives. Human Organization 72(3):254-262.

    Owczarzak, Jill.  2009.  Defining HIV Risk and Determining Responsibility in Postsocialist Poland. Medical Anthropology Quarterly 23 (4): 417-435.

    Owczarzak, J, Filippova, O, and Phillips, S. (In Press). A novel, bottom-up approach to promote evidence-based HIV prevention for people who inject drugs in Ukraine: Protocol for the MICT (“Bridge”) HIV Prevention Exchange Project. Implementation Science.

    Owczarzak, Jill, Andrew Petroll, and Julia Lechuga. (2011). HIV Testing as a Standard of Care for Men Who Have Sex with Men: Patient and Provider Perspectives. Journal of Primary Care and Community Health. 2 (2): 116-121. PubMed ID 22905320