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Faculty Directory

Timothy R. Julian,


My research is focused on understanding and intervening on risks associated with environmentally-mediated infectious disease transmission.  Etiological agents of interest include bacteria, protozoa, and virus responsible for gastrointestinal and respiratory disease in both domestic and international settings.  Past and present research projects of note include:

  • Investigating associations between surface bacteria and respiratory disease incidence in child care centers
  • Simulation modeling of gastrointestinal illness risk from contact with a contaminated fomite
  • Refining estimates of exposure factors for non-dietary ingestion of microorganisms
  • Developing and assessing methods for improving viral pathogen detection in complex environmental matrices (i.e., food, fomites, hands, soil, water)
  • Investigating fecal bacteria and pathogen transmission via food, hands, surfaces, and soils in low income countries that suffer from high child morbidity;
  • Understanding viral evolution in response to serial exposure to environmental and pharmaceutical stressors;
  • Employing high throughput sequencing technologies as a tool to understand viral evolution, fecal contamination in the environment, and disease transmission
  • Assessing efficacy of novel surface disinfectants against gastrointestinal virus surrogates. 


Honors and Awards

Achievement Rewards for College Scientists Fellowship - declined 2010

Environmental Protection Agency STAR Fellowship 2007-10

Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment Summer Institute Travel Award - 2007

Shah Family Fund Fellowship to Support Research on Catastrophic Risk - 2006

Stanford Environmental Engineering and Science Masters Fellowship - 2004


Developing Countries (health), Diarrhea, Disease Outbreaks, Disinfection, Fomites, Environmental Health Engineering, Environmental Microbiology, Escherichia coli, Exposure Assessment, Feces, Foodborne Illness, Gastroenteritis, Norovirus, Poop, Risk Assessment, Rotavirus, Water/Waterborne Diseases, Water Purification, Water Supply