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Kavi Bhalla, PhD

Assistant Professor

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International Health
Division: Health Systems

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615 N. Wolfe Street
Room E8138
Baltimore , Maryland   21205

+1 954 849 8692

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PhD , Cornell University , 2001


My research focuses on assessing the health effects (injuries, air quality, physical activities, others) of transport and urban policies. A substantial amount of my work focuses on road safety in low- and middle-income countries. I develop analytical tools for estimating the burden of injuries in information-poor settings using existing data sources, including vital registers, mortuary and burial registers, hospital administrative records and trauma surveillance systems, household surveys, and verbal autopsy data. My application of these methods has included estimates of the national burden of road injuries in 18 countries, regional burden of injuries in Africa, and the global burden of injuries. I co-led the injury expert group of the 2010 revision of the Global Burden of Disease (GBD-2010) project. More information is at

I am formally trained as a mechanical engineer and my PhD (Cornell, 2001) thesis research focused on the mechanics of material failure, which I later applied to the study of injury biomechanics and vehicle crashworthiness. I am broadly interested in the design of products, environments, and systems that are safe and have positive health impacts.

On twitter, I am @kavibhalla

Injury prevention, Road safety, Transport policy, Impact evaluation, Systems science, Global Burden of Disease, Global Burden of Injuries, Urban planning, India, Africa

    Selected Publications:

  • Bhalla, K, Harrison, J.GBD-2010 overestimates deaths from road injuries in OECD countries: new methods perform poorly, International Journal of Epidemiology; 2015. (Download here)
  • Bhalla K, Shotten M, Cohen A, et al. Transport for Health: The Global Burden of Disease Due to Injuries and Air Pollution From Motorized Road Transport. Washington, DC: World Bank Global Road Safety Facility, and Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation; 2014. (Download here)  
  • GBD Authors, 2012, Global and regional mortality from 235 causes of death for 20 age groups in 1990 and 2010: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2010. The Lancet. 2012 Dec 13; 380: 2095–2128. (Kavi Bhalla co-led the injury expert group of GBD 2010; Download here
  • Bhalla, K., Li, Q., Duan, L., Wang, Y., Bishai, D., and Hyder, A., 2013, The prevalence of speeding and drink driving in two cities in China: a mid project evaluation of ongoing road safety interventions, Injury, International Journal of the Care of the Injured, 44 S4 (2013) S49-S56. (Download here)
  • Bhalla, K., Harrison, J., Shahraz, S., Fingerhut, L., on behalf of the Global Burden of Disease Injury Expert Group, 2010, An assessment of the availability and quality of cause of death data for estimating the global burden of injuries, Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 88:831–838C, doi:10.2471/BLT.09.068809. (Download here)
  • Bhalla, K., Paichadze, N., Gupta, S., Kliavin, V., Gritsenko, E., Bishai, D., and Hyder, A.A., 2014, Rapid assessment of road safety policy change: relaxation of the national speed enforcement law in Russia leads to large increases in the prevalence of speeding, Injury Prevention, doi:10.1136injuryprev-2014-041189.
  • For a full list of peer reviewed publications please visit my Google-Scholar page