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Anne Palmer, MAIA

Program Director, Eating for the Future

Research Associate

Departmental Affiliation(s):

Health, Behavior and Society

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Contact Information

615 N. Wolfe St. W7010
Baltimore , Maryland   21205



MAIA , Ohio Unviersity , 1992


Anne's research interests include how changes in food environments impact food choices, using regional food supply chains to serve low income areas, to bringing sustainable food production to underserved populations, the impact of food deserts on communities, and conducting community food assessments with Baltimore-based non profits and community organizations. She helped create the Maryland Food System mapping resource, a GIS database that maps diverse layers of the food system.   

food systems, community food security, food policy councils, community food assessments, food environments, regional food systems

  • Neff RA, Palmer A.M, McKenzie S, Lawrence RS. Food systems and public health disparities. Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition, Winter 2009.

  • Sood, S., Sengupta, M., Shefner-Rogers, C., and Palmer, A. Impact of the SIAGA Maternal and Neonatal Communication Campaign on Knowledge of Danger Signs and Birth Preparedness in West Java, Indonesia. Journal of Health and Mass Communication, Spring 2009.