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Kimberly B. Roth,

Contact Information

624 N Broadway, Room 880b
Baltimore , Maryland   21205



Suicide and Suicidal Behaviors, Mood Disorders, HIV and AIDS, Mental Health and Prevention, Global Mental Health, Hispanic and Latino populations, Educational Interventions

  • Journal Articles                                       

  • Roth, K.B., Borges, G., Medina-Mora, M., Orozco, R., Ouéda, C., & Wilcox, H.C. (2011). Depressed mood and antisocial behavior problems as correlates for suicide-related behaviors in Mexico. Journal of Psychiatric Research, 45(5), 596-602. DOI: 10.1016/j.jpsychires.2010.10.009.

  • Hemelt, S.W., Roth, K.B., & Eaton, W.W. (Submitted 2012). Childhood Educational Interventions: Experimental Evidence on Postsecondary Impacts. Journal of Human Resources.

  • Articles and chapters - Not Peer Reviewed

  • Eaton, W.W., Roth, K.B., Storr, C., Martins, S., Rebok, G., & Kessler, R. (2012). The Population Dynamics of Mental Disorders. In Public Mental Health (Ed.: W.W. Eaton). New York: Oxford University Press.