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Dagna O. Constenla, PhD

Associate Scientist

Director, Economics and Finance, IVAC

Associate Scientist

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International Health
Division: Health Systems

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E8-132, 615 N. Wolfe St
Baltimore , Maryland   21205

(410) 955-1074
(443) 287-6714

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PhD , 2006


Dr. Dagna Constenla has over 15 years of experience in the economic evaluation of health interventions, 10 of these have centered on the evaluation of pediatric vaccines. Her research on the measurement of the value of vaccines has been wide-ranging. She was one of the first in Latin America to develop a conceptual framework that allowed the differing incremental cost-effectiveness of vaccination between countries to be understood in context and to point the way towards a general approach that might be used by the public health community to plan future vaccination programs in the region.

Dr. Constenla’s work has focused mainly on gaining a better understanding of the economics of pediatric vaccination in developing countries. Her methodological interest center mainly on the need to use standardized methods for economic analyses of vaccination programs, the suitability of study endpoints, the generalisability and representativeness of data, and how variable data can best be applied to local situations. Dr. Constenla recently shifted her attention to develop innovative financial tools to value dengue, malaria and meningococcal vaccination programs in countries that need it most.

Before joining Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Constenla worked many years as consultant for several national and international organizations. In this role, Dr. Constenla led health economic programs to evaluate rotavirus, pneumococcal, meningococcal, HPV, malaria and West Nile vaccination in several countries in Latin America, Sub-Sahara Africa, Europe and North America. Major achievements of these programs include the conduct of various training workshops with experts in the region, and production of local and regional papers.

Dr. Constenla has organized training and taught courses in health economics, health policy and health promotion and health services research to public health professionals in academic institutions of the UK and Latin America. She continuously supports academic activities in the following courses: public health management, social policy analysis, outcomes research. Dr. Constenla has contributed intellectually to a number of international scientific committees. 

Honors and Awards

Pre-Doctoral Fellow, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Award

Pre-Doctoral Fellow, Pan-American Health Organization Grant Award

The Dean’s Alumni Advisory Council Scholarship

McNair Scientific Research Scholar

Dean Lesher Scholarship Award

Betty Baldwin Scholarship Award

Kennedy-King Scholarship Award

Teacher’s Association Award

Golden Key National Honor Society Fellow

Economics of vaccines, finance of vaccines, vaccine-preventable diseases, vaccination programs,evidence-based decision-making, developing countries; costing methodology, generalizability and representativeness of data, pneumococcal pneumonia, rotavirus gastroenteritis, malaria, meningitis, cervical cancer, West Nile Virus, dengue

    Selected peer-reviewed publications

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