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Luke MacDonald, PhD

  • Program Manager, Johns Hopkins University Global Water Program
  • Assistant Scientist

Departmental Affiliations

Contact Information

615 N. Wolfe Street, E6636
Baltimore, Maryland 21231

(410) 614-5750

Personal website:


PhD, 2009


Dr. MacDonald is the Program Manager of the JHU Global Water Program, a multidisciplinary research enterprise that lies at the intersection of engineering, science, policy, and public health.  In that role, he helps steer major water related research initiatives at Johns Hopkins University and identifies and creates new opportunities for solving water problems by helping to form interdisciplinary research teams and concepts.  In 2011 he co-organized a high-profile workshop at the Rockefeller Foundation’s Bellagio Center (Italy) attended by leading experts in water and related fields, to identify opportunities for accelerating, sustainable, people-centered integrated water services for the poor; the WaterLeader paper, below, is a product of that meeting. His personal research in Environmental Engineering focuses on biogeochemistry and contaminant transport, and his background in Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy has developed into an active research program on drinking water issues in developing countries; he has conducted research on drinking water and related public health problems in India, Ghana, and Peru. 

Honors and Awards

EPA STAR Fellowship, 2005-2008 (~5% awarded)

Upton Fellowship, School of Engineering and Applied Science, 2004-2009 (~4% awarded)

New Jersey Water Resources Research Institute Fellowship, 2007-2008

National Waters Research Institute Fellowship, 2007-2008 (~10% awarded)

Princeton Environmental Institute, Science Technology and Environmental Policy Fellowship, 2007-2009 

  • drinking water, biogeochemistry, WASH, sanitation, hygiene, science policy, environmental engineering
  • Peer Reviewed Publications

  • Guo,Y., L.H. MacDonald , M. Kosek, P.P. Yori, and K.J. Schwab (2012) Implementing a water quality diagnostic toolkit to evaluate drinking water in the Peruvian Amazon.  In preparation

  • Julian, T.J., L.H. MacDonald , Y. Guo, S.J. Marks, M. Kosek, P.P. Yori, S.Rengifo Pinedo, and K.J. Schwab (2012) Fecal Indicator Bacteria Contamination of Fomites and Household Demand for Surface Disinfection Products– A Case Study from Peru.  Submitted

  • L.H. MacDonald, A. Agarwal , E.D. Breslin, M. Ellis, J. Jacangelo, N. Jones, M.J. Klag, R.S. Lawrence, P. Lochery, P. Macy, R. Marten, D. Mehta, M.C. Opryszko, C. Rumbaitis Del Rio, B. Van Koppen, G. White, W.H. Yu, and K.J. Schwab. (2012) WaterLeader: Leadership in water services design and implementation. Submitted.

  • M.C. Opryszko, Y. Guo, L.H. MacDonald, L. MacDonald, S. Kiihl, K.J. Schwab.  Impact of water-vending kiosks and hygiene education on household drinking water quality in rural Ghana (2012), American Journal of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene. In Review.