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David Gordon Bundy,


Dr. Bundy's research focuses on the quality and safety of pediatric healthcare, with particular focus on ambulatory settings.  He has experience with large-scale database analyses, as well as leading local, state, and national collaborative efforts to improve the quality of pediatric care.

Quality improvement, patient safety

  • Strouse JJ, Reller ME, Bundy DG, Amoako M, Cancio M Han RN, Valsamakis A, Casella JF.  Severe pandemic H1N1 and seasonal influenza in children and young adults with sickle cell disease.  Blood.  In press.

  • Stavroudis TA, Shore AD, Morlock LL, Hicks RW, Bundy D, Miller MR.  NICU medication errors:  Identifying a risk profile for medication errors in the neonatal intensive care unit.  J Perinatol.  2010 Jul;30(7):459-68.

  • Rinke ML, Bundy DG, Shore AD, Colantuoni E, Morlock LL, Miller MR.  Pediatric antidepressant medication errors in a national error reporting database.  J Dev Behav Pediatr.  2010 Feb-Mar;31(2):129-36.

  • Bundy DG, Strouse JJ, Casella JF, Miller MR.  Burden of influenza-related hospitalizations among children with sickle cell disease.  Pediatrics.  2010 Feb;125(2):234-43.

  • Randolph G, Esporas M, Provost L, Massie S, Bundy DG.  Model for improvement - part two: Measurement and feedback for quality improvement efforts.  Pediatr Clin North Am. 2009 Aug;56(4):779-98.