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Lauren Tingey, MPH

Research Associate

Departmental Affiliation(s):

International Health
Division: Social and Behavioral Interventions

Center & Institute Affiliation(s):

Contact Information

415 N. Washington Street
4th Floor
Baltimore , Maryland   21231

(410) 955-2010

Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health:


MPH , Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health , 2008
MSW , University of Maryland , 2008


My overall area of interest is in behavior change interventions, particularly the process of adapting and evaluating evidence-based interventions for use among indigenous populations. Currently I am involved in two primary areas of study with White Mountain Apache adolescents: 1) suicide and self-injury, and 2) risk reduction for sexually transmitted infection and HIV/AIDS. In the first area, I am studying the risk and protective factors for youth suicide and piloting two adapted evidence-based interventions for prevention of suicide among youth who have made a recent suicide attempt. I also work on a case control study of binge drinking and drug use as a form of intentional self-injury. In the second area I am leading a multi-level investigation including a formative qualitative study to understand risk and contextual factors in the prevention of STIs/HIV and the promotion of sexual health. This study helped inform the design and implementation of a large, cluster RCT of an adapted evidence-based intervention HIV risk reduction. We are also piloting the use of self-administered sample collection for STI screening to address endemic rates, access barriers and increase uptake in rural, underserved communities. 

Behavior change, evidence-based intervention, mental health, HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted infection, adolescent, qualitative methodology, social work, formative research, suicide, youth, vulnerable populations, indigenous populations, international health, substance use, self-injury, American Indian and Alaska Native populations.

    Selected publications:

  • Tingey, L, Cwik, M, Goklish, N, Alchesay, M, Lee, A, Strom, R, Suttle, R, Walkup, JT. (2012). “Exploring Binge Drinking and Drug Use Among American Indians: Data From Adolescent Focus Groups.” American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse. V. 38 (5), 409-415. PMID: 22931074.

  • Tingey, L, Cwik, M, Goklish, N, Larzelere-Hinton, F, Lee, A, Suttle, R, Walkup, JT, Barlow, A. (in press). "Risk Pathways for Suicide Among American Indian Adolescents." Qualitative Health Research.

  • Barlow, A, Tingey, L, Cwik, M, Goklish, N, Larzelere-Hinton, F, Lee, A, Suttle, R, Mullany, B, Walkup, JT. (2012). “Understanding the Relationship Between Substance Use and Self-Injury in American Indian Youth.” American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse. V. 38 (5), 403-408. PMID: 22931073.


  • Ballard, ED, Tingey, L, Lee, A, Suttle, R, Barlow, A, Cwik, M. (2014). “Emergency Department Utilization Among American Indian Adolescents Who Made a Suicide Attempt: A Screening Opportunity.” Journal of Adolescent Health. V. 54, [epub ahead of print]

  • Cwik, MF, Barlow, A, Tingey, L, Larzelere-Hinton, F, Goklish, N, Walkup, JT. (2011). “Non-Suicidal Self-Injury in an American Indian Reservation Community: Results from the White Mountain Apache Surveillance System: 2007-2008.” Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. V. 50 (9), 860-869. PMID: 21871368.