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Scott Bailey, PhD

  • Associate Professor

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615 N. Wolfe Street
Room W8308
Baltimore, Maryland 21205



PhD, University of Sheffield Krebs Institute, 2002


Maintaining the integrity of genetic information is a fundamental requirement for the life of a cell and the survival of a species. Cellular DNA is continuously subjected to insult from both exogenous and endogenous sources. Thus, the repair or tolerance of these insults is a necessity for the cell.

Research in my laboratory focuses on the molecular basis of the processes that relate to genome integrity. The strategy that we use is based primarily on structural studies using X-ray crystallography. A central premise of our work is that in order for structural studies to provide understanding of these processes we must know the structure of the entire assembly that executes the process, captured at each step in the process. From such studies we derive mechanistic models relating the physical features and chemistry of proteins and nucleic acids to their function. Interrogation of these models using mutagenesis, biochemistry and cell-based techniques further relates structure to function and provides a more complete molecular description of the process at hand.

  • Genome Integrity X-ray crystallography Structural Biology Nucleic Acid
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