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Kawsar R. Talaat, MD

Assistant Scientist

Departmental Affiliation(s):

International Health
Division: Global Disease Epidemiology and Control

Center & Institute Affiliation(s):

Contact Information

624 N Broadway Rm 249
Baltimore , Maryland   21205



MD , 1997


My current research focuses on clinical trials of vaccines for potential pandemic influenza strains. At the Center for Immunization Research, we conduct phase I and II clinical trials of vaccine candidates for many diverse pathogens. As part of the Pandemic Influenza Preparedness and Response Plan, we plan and execute phase I trials evaluating the safety and immunogenicity of a number of influenza vaccine candidates targeting strains with pandemic potential. Also, as I am trained in Infectious Diseases and parasitology, I retain an interest in tropical medicine and international health.

International Health, Vaccines, Avian Influenza, Pandemic Influenza, Parasitology

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