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Marc Boulay,

Senior Program Evaluation Officer, Center for Communication Programs

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Contact Information

111 Market Place, Suite 310
Baltimore , Maryland   21202


  • Villanti, A., Boulay, M., and Juon, H. (2010). Peer, parent, and media influences on adolescent smoking by development stage. Addictive Behaviors, 36(1-2): 133-136.

  • Li, N. & Boulay, M.  (2010).  Individual, familial, and extra-familial factors associated with premarital sex among Bangladesh male adolescents. Sexual Health, 7(4): 471-477.

  • Kilian, A., Boulay, M., Koenker, H., and Lynch, M. (2010).  How many mosquito nets are needed to achieve universal coverage? - Recommendations for the quantification and allocation of long-lasting insecticidal nets for mass campaigns. Malaria Journal, 9(1): 330-339. [Listed as a Highly Accessed Article]

  • Perisse, A.R.S., Langenberg, P., Hungerford, L., Boulay, M., Charurat, M., Schechter, M., Blattner, W. (2010). Egocentric network data provide additional information for characterizing an individual’s HIV risk profile. AIDS, 24(2): 291-298.

  • Boulay M, Tweedie I, and Fiagbey E. (2008). The effectiveness of a national communication campaign using religious leaders to reduce HIV-related stigma in Ghana.  African Journal of AIDS Research, 7(1): 133-141.