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Erika Avila-Tang,

Epidemiologist, Institute for Global Tobacco Control

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Contact Information

2213 McElderry St., 4th floor Suite M435
Baltimore , Maryland   21205


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My main research interest is in the control of tobacco in developing countries. I am particularly interested in exposure to secondhand smoke, thirdhand smoke, and exposure to nicotine from tobacco farming. I am currently working determining the exposure to nicotine in children and families that grow tobacco in Brazil. I also collaborate in studies that measure secondhand exposure in public places in Latin America and Asia. Many of these projects produce evidence for policy development and capacity building.

Honors and Awards

2009 Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health, Faculty Grant in Global Health

1998-2002 National Council of Science and Technology (CONACyT), Doctoral scholarship

1998 National Institute of Public Health/School of Public Health Mexico. Honorable mention. MHS with Honors

1997-1998 CONACyT, Master Scholarship 1993-1995 Autonomous University of Sinaloa, Undergraduate Full Scholarship

1993, 1995 CONACyT and the Mexican Academy of Science, Summer in Science Scholarship

Epidemiology, tobacco, air pollution, children, secondhand smoke exposure, thirdhand smoke, tobacco farming, green tobacco sickness, international tobacco control, policy-relevant research on tobacco

  • Click here for a complete list of Erika Avila-Tang's PubMed citations

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