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Lisa C. Dubay,

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Urban Institute
2100 M Street, NW
Washington , District of Columbia   20037


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Dr. Dubay’s research interests center on assessing the impact of public policies on insurance coverage, access to care, and the health of low-income populations. Dr. Dubay has lead major federal and foundation evaluations of expansions of the Medicaid program to pregnant women and children, the State Children’s Health Insurance Program and the movement to managed care under the Medicaid. Dr. Dubay has also examined the influence of malpractice fears on the practice of defensive medicine. Dr. Dubay’s current research interest includes understanding the pathways that lead to socio-economic and racial disparities in child health, well-being, and psychological and cognitive functioning.

  • Medicaid
  • child health
  • Sommers Anna, Lisa Dubay, Linda Blumberg, Fredric Blavin and John Czajka. “Dynamics in Medicaid and SCHIP Eligibility Among In SCHIP’s Infancy: Implications for Reauthorization. Health Affairs (forthcoming.)

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