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Shannon Doocy, PhD

Co-Director, Health in Crisis MPH Concentration

Associate Professor

Departmental Affiliation(s):

International Health
Division: Health Systems

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Baltimore , Maryland


SciVal Experts Research Profile


PhD , Johns Hopkins University , 2004


Shannon Doocy's research focuses on populations affected by disasters and conflict, including both refugees and internally displaced populations. Within the emergency context, her areas of interest include population based assessments, mortality, nutrition and food security, livelihoods and cash interventions, and monitoring and evaluation of humanitarian assistance programs.

Current research includes improving assessment methodologies in the post-disaster context; population based studies of mortality and injury in rapid onset natural disasters and complex emergencies; assessment of nutrition status and food security in internally displaced and refugee populations; and monitoring and evaluation of humanitarian assistance programs with a focus on cash interventions, livelihoods, and food insecurity.  Recent research and projects have been implemented in collaboration with NGOs, UN agencies, and other academic institutions and implemented in Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Peru, China (North Korean Refugees), South Sudan, Uganda and Democratic Republic of the Congo.

disasters, conflict, complex emergencies, food security, nutrition, mortality, livelihoods, assessment, monitoring and evaluation

  • Recent Articles (from 48 peer reviewed publications)

  • Kirsch T, Wadhwani C, Sauer L, Doocy S and Catlett C.  Impact of the 2010 Pakistan Floods on Rural and Urban Populations at Six Months.  August 22 e-publication, PLoS Currents: Disasters 4:e4fdfb212d2432

  • Kirsch T, Siddiqui M, Perrin P, Robinson WC, Sauer L and Doocy S.  (2012). Satisfaction with the Humanitarian Response to the 2010 Pakistan Floods: A Call for Increased Accountability to Beneficiaries.  August 9, 2012 e-publication ahead of print, Emergency Medicine Journal, doi:10.1136/emermed-2012-201226.

  • Kirsch T, Leidman E, Weiss W and Doocy S.  (2012) The Impact of the Earthquake and Humanitarian Assistance on Household Economies and Livelihoods of Earthquake-Affected Populations in Haiti.  American Journal of Disaster Medicine (7)2:85-94.

  • Doocy S, Sirois A, Tileva M, Storey JD, and Burnham G. (2012). Chronic Disease and Disability among Displaced Iraqi Populations in Jordan and Syria.  June 8, 2012 e-publication ahead of print, International Journal of Health Planning and Management  doi: 10.1002/hpm.2119.