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Kate Fothergill, PhD

  • Executive Director, Center for Mental Health Services in Pediatric Primary Care
  • Assistant Scientist

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Contact Information

624 N. Broadway
Hampton House 729
Baltimore, Maryland 21205

410 614-4908
410 955-7241

SciVal Experts Research Profile


PhD, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 2004
MPH, University of North Carolina School of Public Health, 1992


Dr. Fothergill has worked for over 20 years in public health.  She currently serves as Executive Director of the Center on Mental Health Services in Pediatric Primary Care, which aims to improve the capacity of pediatric primary care providers to deliver mental health services to children. She also serves as Project Manager of the Pediatric Integrated Care Initiative, overseeing the conduct of a series of learning collaborative aimed at improving trauma care for children.  Dr. Fothergill also has spent the last decade conducting research for the Woodlawn Project, an epidemiological, prospective study following a cohort of African American children and their families for more than 35 years to learn more about risk development and resiliency.  


Honors and Awards

Delta Omega Society, 2004

College on Problems of Drug Dependence Women and Gender Junior Investigator Travel Award, 2004

National Research Service Award, 2001-2004 (awarded by the National Institute of Drug Abuse, National Institutes of Health)

Academic Scholarship, 1999-2002, provided by the Department of Health Policy and Management, Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore MD.

  • childhood adversity
  • life course development and health
  • mental health
  • substance use
  • psychological, social, and economic determinants of health
  • adolescence
  • primary prevention and early intervention
  • primary care

Selected Publications from the Last Five Years.

  • Fothergill, KE, Ensminger, ME, Green, KM, Robertson, J, & Juon, HS. (2009).  Pathways to adult marijuana and cocaine use: A prospective study of African Americans from age 6 to 42.  Journal of Health and Social Behavior, 50: 65-81.

  • Fothergill, KE, Ensminger, E, Green, KM, Robertson, J, Thorpe, RJ, Kasper, JD, & Juon, HS. (2009).  Living arrangements during childrearing years and later health of African American mothers.  Journal of Marriage and the Family, 71: 848-61. 

  • Fothergill, K.E. & Ensminger, M.E.  (2006).  Childhood and adolescent antecedents of drug and alcohol problems: A longitudinal study.  Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 82, 61-76.  PMID:  16150555.

  • Ensminger, M.E. & Fothergill, K.E.  (2003).  A decade of measuring socioeconomic status:  What it tells us and where to go from here.  In: Bornstein, MH, & Bradley, RH (Eds), Handbook of Parenting:  Socioeconomic Status, Parenting, and Child Development.  Mahwah, NJ:  Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.

  • Fothergill, K., Gadomski, A., Solomon, B., Olson, A., Gaffney, C., dosReis S., & Wissow, L.  (2013).  Assessing the impact of a web-based comprehensive somatic and mental health screening tool in pediatric primary care.  Academic Pediatrics, 13(4):340-7.