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Katherine Parris Frey, RN

Assistant Scientist

Departmental Affiliation(s):

Health Policy and Management

SciVal Experts Research Profile


RN , Maryland Board of Nursing
MS , University of Maryland School of Nursing
MPH , University of Maryland School of Nursing


Past research has been in the assessment of long term functional outcomes of victims of trauma.

Ms. Frey currently manages a randomized study designed to evaluate the effect placing a nurse in a primary care practice has on the quality of life and cost of care of the frail elderly patients of that practice.

  • Trauma Care
  • Guided Care
  • MacKenzie EJ, Rivara FP, Jurkovich GJ, Nathens AB, Frey KP, Egleston BL, Salkever DS, Scharfstein DO. A national evaluation of the effect of trauma-center care on mortality. N Engl J Med. 354(4):366-78.