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Katherine Clegg Smith, PhD

Co-Director, MHS Social Factors in Health

Director, Center for Qualitative Studies in Health and Medicine

Associate Professor

Departmental Affiliation(s):

Health, Behavior and Society

Center & Institute Affiliation(s):

Contact Information

Hampton House Rm 726
Baltimore , Maryland

410 502-0025
410 955-7241

Center for Qualitative Studies in Health and Medicine:

SciVal Experts Research Profile


PhD , University of Nottingham , 2002
MA , University of Leeds , 1997


Katherine Clegg Smith is a sociologist with research interests around the social determinants of health behavior. Dr. Smith’s particular area of expertise is the role played by the news media in health knowledge and behavior. She also has a general interest in identity and its relationship to health.  Much of Dr. Smith's research is organized around individual and collective understanding of health issues and experiences.

Dr. Smith is currently leading a study funded by NCI and OBSSR to explore identity issues and dietary behaviors among long term cancer survivors. She has also led research projects that link news coverage of tobacco and diet to individual behaviors and attitudes around policy change.  Dr. Smith is also working with clinical colleagues in rheumatology to explore how people with rheumatic, auto-immune conditions undertand and articulate their experiences.

Dr. Smith teaches classes that explore the use of sociological theory and qualitative methodology in public health research. She co-directs the MHS in Social Factors in Health. Dr. Smith is an Associate Editor for the CBPR journal, 'Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education, and Action'.  She has recently become the  Director for the Center for Qualitative Studies in Health and Medicine.


Honors and Awards

  • HBS Departmental Award for Outstanding Faculty Devotion to Students (2012)
  • HBS Student Organization Award for Mentorship (2013)
  • HBS Student Organization Award for Teaching (2013-2014)

cancer prevention and survivorship, tobacco, media, media advocacy, textual analysis, qualitative methods, diet & food, agenda setting


    Smith, K.C., Niederdeppe, J., Blake, K.D., Cappella, J.N. (2013). Advancing Cancer Control Research in an Emerging News Media Environment. Journal of the National Cancer Institute Monographs. 47: 175-181. 


    A. Greiner, L. Lagasse, R. Neff, D. Love, R. Chase, N. Sokol, and K Smith. (2013). Reassuring or risky? The presentation of seafood safety in the aftermath of the British Petroleum Deepwater Horizon Oil spill. American Journal of Public Health. 103(7):1198-1206.


    Smith, K.C.,  Cukier, S., Jernigan, D. (2013). Regulating Alcohol Advertising: Content Analysis of the Adequacy of Federal and Self-Regulation of Magazine Ads, 2008-2010. American Journal of Public Health. DOI: e1–e11. doi:10.2105/AJPH.2013.301483 


    Smith, K.C., Cukier, S., Jernigan, D. (2014. Defining strategies for promoting product through ‘Drink Responsibly’ messages in magazine ads for beer, spirits and alcopops. Drug and Alcohol Dependence.DOI: 10.1016/j.drugalcdep.2014.06.007


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