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Jens Ludwig,


Jens Ludwig’s research focuses on remedying the social consequences of poverty and crime, including injuries and violence. He has written extensively on gun policy and violence, including evaluations of Richmond, Virginia’s widely-cited Project Exile and the federal Brady Act, and with Philip J. Cook is the co-author of Gun Violence: The Real Costs (Oxford University Press, 2000) and co-editor of Evaluating Gun Policy (Brookings Institution Press, 2003). He has is also involved in a variety of research projects examining the effects of neighborhood social context on the well-being of low-income families.

Honors and Awards

Andrew W. Mellon Fellow in Economic Studies, The Brookings Institution (2001-2). Visiting Scholar, Northwestern University / University of Chicago Joint Center for Poverty Research (1997-8). Editorial Board, Journal of Policy Analysis and Management (2003-present) Member, National Policy Committee, American Society of Criminology (2002-3). Steering Committee, National Consortium on Violence Research, Carnegie Mellon (2001-present). Faculty Associate, Center for Research on Children in the U.S., Georgetown U. (2002-present) Member, Children’s Roundtable, The Brookings Institution (2002). Affiliated Expert, Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research (1998-present). Vernon Prize for Best Article, Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 1997. National Academy of Education / Spencer Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow, 1997-1998.

  • violence gun firearm urban poverty
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  • Ludwig, Jens (1998) “Concealed-Gun-Carrying Laws and Violent Crime: Evidence from State Panel Data.” International Review of Law and Economics. 18: 239-254.