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Gail L. Daumit, MD

Joint Department Affiliations: Division of General Internal Medicine, Department of Medicine, Department of Epidemiology, Department of Mental Health

Associate Professor

Departmental Affiliation(s):

School of Medicine (Primary)
Health Policy and Management (Joint)
Epidemiology (Joint)
Mental Health (Joint)

Contact Information

2024 East Monument Street
Suite 2-500
Baltimore , Maryland

(410) 614-6460
(410) 614-0588

SciVal Experts Research Profile


MD , Emory University
MHA , Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health


Dr. Daumit is a general internist whose research program is devoted to improving the physical health of persons with severe and persistent mental illnesses. She is studying risk factors for premature mortality in persons with severe mental illnesses including whether this population is at a higher risk than persons without mental illness for patient safety concerns when hospitalized. Dr. Daumit also is developing and testing behavioral weight loss interventions tailored to persons with mental disabilities in psychiatric rehabilitation settings.

Honors and Awards

2005 Urmer Foundation Award for Research in Severe Mental Illness

  • severe mental illness
  • schizophrenia
  • bipolar disorder
  • obesity
  • diabetes
  • patient safety
  • health services research
  • Merenstein D, Daumit GL, Powe NR. Use and Costs of Non-recommended Diagnostic Tests During Routine Preventive Health Exams in the United States. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 2006 Jun; 30(6):521-7.

  • Olsen Y, Daumit GL, Ford DE. Opioid prescriptions by U.S. primary care physicians from 1992 to 2001. The Journal of Pain, 2006, Apr; 7(4):225-35.

  • Dickerson FB, Brown CH, Daumit GL, Fang L, Goldberg RW, Wohlheiter, Dixon LB. Health status of individuals with serious mental illness. Schizophrenia Bulletin, 2006 Jul; 32(3):584-9.

  • Compton MT, Daumit GL, Druss BG. Adverse Health Behaviors among Individuals with Serious Mental Illnesses: A Preventive Medicine Perspective. Harvard Review of Psychiatry, 2006 Jul-Aug 14(4):212-222.

  • Daumit GL, Pronovost PJ, Anthony CB, Guallar E, Steinwachs DM, Ford DE. Adverse Events During Medical and Surgical Hospitalizations for Persons with Schizophrenia. Archives of General Psychiatry, 2006; 63(3):267-272.