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Richard E. Thompson, PhD

Executive Director, Johns Hopkins Biostatistics Center

Senior Scientist

Departmental Affiliation(s):


Contact Information

615 N. Wolfe Street
Room E3152
Baltimore , Maryland   21205



PhD , Medical University of South Carolina , 1999
MS , University of Notre Dame , 1993

Biostatistics, Computing; environmental statistics; risk assessment; mathematical modeling; statistical computing


    Boss, E.F. and Thompson, R.E. (2013). “Patient Experience in the Pediatric Otolaryngology Clinic: Does the Teaching Setting Influence Parent Satisfaction?” Int. J. Pediatr. Otorhinolaryngol. 77: 59-64.


    Thompson, R.E. (2011). “Epidemiological Evidence for Possible Radiation Hormesis form Radon Exposure: A Case-Control Study Conducted in Worcester, MA.” Dose Response 9: 59-75.


    Thompson, R.E., Nelson, D.F., Popkin, J.H., and Popkin, Z. (2008). “Case-Control Study of Lung Cancer Risk from Residential Radon Exposure in Worcester County, Massachusetts.” Health Phys. 94: 228-241.


    Segev, D.L., Thompson, R.E., Locke, J.E., Simpkins, C.E., Thuluvath, P., Montgomery, R.A., and Marley, W.R. (2008). “Prolonged Waiting Times for Liver Transplantation in Obese Patients.” Ann Surg. 248: 863-870.


    Thuluvath, P.J., Morss, S., and Thompson, R. (2001), “Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis – In-Hospital Mortality, Predictors of Survival, and Health Care Costs from 1988 to 1998.” Am. J. Gastroenterol. 96:1232-1236.