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Lawrence Mayer, PhD

  • Adjunct Professor, Psychiatry
  • Professor - Adjunct

Departmental Affiliations

Contact Information

320 Osler
615 N. Wolfe St
Baltimore, Maryland





Development and application of biostatistical and epidemiological methods for analysis of longitudinal health data obtained in support of decision making in a clinical or policy environment. Particularly interested in human development and the epidemiology of mental disorders including dementia. Development of statistical methodology for assessing health effects of preventive interventions and environmental exposures. Development and application of statistical and epidemiological models used in disease screening and prevention. Analysis of statistical problems arising from applying evidence-based medicine in a clinical environment. Understanding statistical issues arising from applying developmental epidemiological models to the course of disease. Assessment of risks, adverse effects, and intervention effects on patients, workers or the general public. Focus on problems in which clinical course is critical, data is limited, uncertainty is complex, potential risk is large, models are primitive, and the biological mechanisms of the disease, exposures and interventions are poorly understood.

Honors and Awards

Honorary Master's of Arts, University of Pennsylvania, 1981

  • methodology biostatistics psychiatry epidemiology methodology developmental theory dementia Alzheimer's disease environmental exposures
  • Merrill, R., Merrill, A., and Mayer, L. (2000) Factors Associated with No Surgery or Radiation Therapy for Invasive Cervical Cancer in Black and White Women?, Ethnicity and Disease, 10(2), 248-256

  • Rebok, G., Hawkins, W., Kellam, S., and Mayer, L. (1997) The Role of Concentration Problems on the Course of Aggressive and Shy Behavior in an Epidemiologically-Based Preventive Trials, Child Development, 23, 465-486

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  • Kellam, S., Mayer, L., Rebok, G. and Hawkins, W. (1996) "The Effects of Improving Achievement on Aggressive Behavior and of Improving Aggressive Behavior on Achievement Through Two Preventive Interventions: An Investigation of Causal Paths", in Dohrenwend (ed.) Adversity, Stress and Psychopathology , American Psychiatric Press, American Psychiatric Association

  • Kellam, S., Rebok G., Mayer, L., Ialongo, N. and Kalodner, C. (1994) "Depressive Symptoms Over First Grade and Their Response to a Developmental Epidemiologically Based Preventive Trial Aimed at Improving Achievement" , Development and Psychopathology, 6, 463-481