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Lisette Johnson-Hill, MS

  • Senior Research Associate

Departmental Affiliations

  • Epidemiology (Primary)
    • Division: Infectious Disease Epidemiology

Contact Information

615 N. Wolfe Street
Room W6027B
Baltimore, Maryland 21205


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MS, Johns Hopkins University, 1991


HIV/AIDS in homosexual and bisexual males, injection drug users; men on the "down low"; recruiting and retaining hard to reach populations

  • Epidemiology, HIV/AIDS, homosexuals, IDUs, men on the "down low"
  • Liu, C., Johnson, L., Ostrow, D., Silvestre, A., Visscher, B., Jacobson, L. Predictors for Lower Quality of Life in the HAART Era among HIV-infected Men, AIDS, 2006; 42:470-477, 2006.

  • Silvestre, A.J., Hylton, J.B., Johnson, L.M, Houston, C, Witt, M. A model for recruiting racial and ethnic minority men who have sex with men into HIV research: A four city campaign. AJPH, 2006; 96:1020-1027.

  • Liu, C., Ostrow, D., Detels, R., Hu, Z., Johnson, L., Kingsley, L., Jacobson, L.P. Impacts of HIV infection and HAART use on quality of life, Qual Life Res, 2006; 15:941-949.

  • Ostrow, D.G., Silverberg M., Cook, R., Chmiel J., Johnson, L, Li, XiChuong, Jacobson, LP, Prospective study of attitudinal and relationship predictors of sexual risk in the MACS, AIDS Behavior, in press.