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Shoshana H. Ballew, PhD

  • Research Associate

Departmental Affiliations

  • Epidemiology (Primary)
    • Division: Cardiovascular Disease and Clinical Epidemiology

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PhD, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, 2012

  • aging, caregiving, epidemiology, chronic kidney disease, cardiovascular disease

Selected publications

  • Grams ME, Sang Y, Levey AS, Matsushita K, Ballew S, Chang AR, Chow EK, Kasiske BL, Kovesdy CP, Nadkarni GN, Shalev V, Segev DL, Coresh J, Lentine KL, Garg AX; Chronic Kidney Disease Prognosis Consortium. Kidney-Failure Risk Projection for the Living Kidney-Donor Candidate. NEJM. Feb 2016;374(5):411-421

  • Grams ME, Sang Y, Ballew SH, Gansevoort RT, Kimm H, Kovesdy CP, Naimark D, Oien C, Smith DH, Coresh J, Sarnak MJ, Stengel B, Tonelli M, Chronic Kidney Disease Prognosis Consortium. A Meta-analysis of the Association of Estimated GFR, Albuminuria, Age, Race, and Sex With Acute Kidney Injury. Am J Kidney Dis. Oct 2015;66(4):591-601.

  • Lambers Heerspink HJ, Tighiouart H, Sang Y, Ballew SH, Mondal H, Matsushita K, Coresh J, Levey AS, Inker LA. GFR Decline and Subsequent Risk of Established Kidney Outcomes: A Meta-analysis of 37 Randomized Controlled Trials. Am J Kidney Dis. Dec 2014;64(6):860-866.

  • Coresh J, Turin TC, Matsushita K, Sang Y, Ballew SH, Appel LJ, Arima H, Chadban SJ, Cirillo M, Djurdjev O, Green JA, Heine GH, Inker LA, Irie F, Ishani A, Ix JH, Kovesdy CP, Marks A, Ohkubo T, Shalev V, Shankar A, Wen CP, de Jong PE, Iseki K, Stengel B, Gansevoort RT, Levey AS, Chronic Kidney Disease Prognosis Consortium. Decline in estimated glomerular filtration rate and subsequent risk of end-stage renal disease and mortality. JAMA. Jun 2014;311(24):2518-2531.

  • Matsushita K, Ballew SH, Astor BC, Jong PE, Gansevoort RT, Hemmelgarn BR, Levey AS, Levin A, Wen CP, Woodward M, Coresh J, Chronic Kidney Disease Prognosis Consortium. Cohort profile: the chronic kidney disease prognosis consortium. Int J Epidemiol. Dec 2013;42(6):1660-1668.