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Bareng Aletta Sanny Nonyane, PhD

  • Assistant Scientist

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E5614 N. Wolfe Street
Baltimore, Maryland

+1 410 955 5841

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PhD, University of Edinburgh, 2004
MSc, University of Kwa-Zulo Natal


My interest is in the use of existing statistical methods as well as development of new ones that are relevant to the challenging task of investigating healthcare burdens globally.  In my current position, I provide statistical support for the design and analysis of international health studies that involve combining data from various literature sources, and those that involve community-based interventions.

In particular, I am involved in 3 research groups. For the first one, I am in the process of investigating various methods for meta-analysis of pneumococcal serotype prevalence data and meningococcal surveillance data. For the second one, I provide statistical support for the Ethiopian studies aimed at preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV through PEPFAR funding.  Thirdly, I  support studies on maternal and neonatal infections in Bangladesh, the main one being ANISA (Aetiology of Neonatal Infections in South Asia).


  • International Health, Pneumococcal, Meningococcal, Multilevel data analysis, Meta-analysis, Bayesian methods, Time-series, Data-mining, HIV, Neonatal mortality
  • Sundaresan P, Ravindran RD, Vashist P, Shanker A, Nitsch D, Talwar B, Maraini G, Camparini M, Nonyane B.A.S., Smeeth L, Chakravarthy U, Hejtmancik J.F, Fletcher A.E. (2012) EPHA2 Polymorphisms and Age-Related Cataract in India. PLoS ONE 7(3): e33001. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0033001

  • D. Nitsch, B.A.S. Nonyane, L. Smeeth, C. J. Bulpitt, P. J. Roderick, A. Fletcher;  (2011) CKD  and hospitalization in the elderly: A Community-Based cohort study in the United Kingdom,  American Journal of Kidney Disease 57(5), 664-672

  • Nonyane B. A. S. and Whittaker J.C. (2010) A variance components factor model for genetic association studies: A Bayesian analysis.  Genet. Epidemiology 34: 529–536, 2010

  • Nonyane B.A.S., Nitsch D., Smeeth L., Sofat R., Chakravarthy U. And Fletcher A. (2010), An ecological correlation study of late age-related macular degeneration and the complement factor H Y402H polymorphism. Investigative Ophthalmology and Vision Science 51:2393-2402

  • Mehta N., Trzmielina S., Nonyane B.A., Eliot M.N., Lin R., Foulkes A.S., McNeal K., Ammann A., Eulalievyolo V., Sullivan J.L., Luzuriaga K., Somasundaran M. (2009); Low-cost HIV-1 diagnosis and quantification in dried blood spots by real time PCR. PLoS One.  June 5; 4(6):e5819.