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Marcelo Jacobs-Lorena, PhD

  • Professor

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615 N. Wolfe Street
Room E5132
Baltimore, Maryland 21205


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PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1972
MSc, Osaka University, 1967


Mosquitoes as Vectors for the Malaria Parasite

Our research covers four topics:

o Genetic modification of mosquito vectorial capacity o Mosquito-Plasmodium interactions o Gene expression during Plasmodium development in the mosquito o Structure and function of the peritrophic matrix (PM)

  • malaria mosquitoes transgenesis Plasmodium-mosquito interacions peritrophic matrix
  • Srinivasan P, Coppens I and Jacobs-Lorena M (2008) Distinct roles of Plasmodium Rhomboid 1 in parasite development and malaria pathogenesis. PLoS Pathogens 5(1) e1000262.

  • Ghosh AK, Devenport M, Jethwaney D, Kalume DE, Pandey A, Anderson VE, Sultan AA, Kumar N and Jacobs-Lorena M (2008) Malaria parasite invasion of the mosquito salivary gland requires interaction between the Plasmodium TRAP and the Anopheles saglin proteins. PLoS Pathogens, 5(1)e1000265.

  • Dinglasan RR, Devenport M, Florens L, Johnson JR, McHugh CA, Donnelly-Doman, M, Carucci DJ, Yates JR. III and Jacobs-Lorena, M (2008) The Anopheles gambiae adult midgut peritrophic matrix proteome. Insect Biochem. Mol. Biol, in press.

  • Srinivasan P, Fujioka H and Jacobs-Lorena M (2008) PbCap380, a novel oocyst capsule protein, is essential for malaria parasite survival in the mosquito. Cell. Microbiol. 10:1304-1312.

  • Li C, Marrelli MT, Yan G and Jacobs-Lorena M (2008) Fitness of transgenic Anopheles stephensi mosquitoes expressing the SM1 peptide under the control of a vitellogenin promoter. J. Hered. 99:275-282.