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Lori H. Erby, PhD

  • Assistant Professor - Adjunct

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31 Center Drive
Building 31, Room B1B36
Bethesda, Maryland 20892


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PhD, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 2006
MSc, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 2001


My primary interest is in the process of genetic counseling and client outcomes, with a focus on communication to enhance informed decision-making and adaptation. I also have a broad interest in the communication of complex genetics topics outside of the realm of genetic counseling, particularly to populations with reduced literacy. Finally, I am interested in the exploration of the psychological and social implications of genetic technologies.

My current research is as part of Debra Roter's Genetic Counseling Video Project, which is a four year study of process and outcomes in routine prenatal and cancer genetic counseling using simulated clients.

Honors and Awards

Delta Omega Honor Society, 2006

  • genetic counseling, genetics, psychosocial issues in genetics, patient-provider communication, health literacy
  • Farrelly E, Cho M, Erby L, Roter D, Stenzel A, and Ormond K (in press) Genetic counseling for prenatal testing:  Where is the discussion about disability?  Journal of Genetic Counseling.

  • Roter DL, Edelman E, Erby L, Larson S, McNellis R, Massa M, Rackover MA, McInerney JD (in press)  Changing clinical interviewing skills of physicians assistants through on-line genetics-related education.   JAPPA

  • Weaver M and Erby L (in press)  Standardized patients: A promising tool for health education and health promotion.  Health Promotion Practice

  • Singleton A*, Erby LH, Foisie KV, Kaphingst K (2011) Informed choice in direct-to-consumer genetic testing (DTCGT) websites: A content analysis of benefits, risks, and limitations. Journal of Genetic Counseling. Epub ahead of print.

  • Philbin MM*, Erby LH, Lee S, Juon HS (2011)  Hepatitis B and liver cancer among three Asian American sub-groups:  A focus group inquiry. Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health. Epub ahead of print.