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Arik V. Marcell, MD

  • Associate Professor

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200 N. Wolfe Street
Room 2062
Baltimore, Maryland 21287


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MD, University of Illinois College of Medicine, 1995
MPH, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 1994


Dr. Marcell is an Associate Professor in the School of Medicine and faculty in the Department of Population, Family & Reproductive Health. His primary interests include adolescent health with special emphases on sexual and reproductive health, health care utilization, and male health. He recently led updates to the nation's Title X Guidelines on men’s health for clinical preventive service recommendations on family planning and sexual and reproductive health. He is currently the primary investigator on a CDC-funded study called Project Connect Baltimore that will evaluate the development and effectiveness of training youth-serving professionals on a clinical provider guide designed to engage young males in Baltimore in sexual and reproductive healthcare. He directs the Title X Program at the Harriet Lane Clinic and has recently received funding from the Office of Family Planning to integrate rapid HIV testing in the clinic.

He has experience using mixed-methodologies including focus group and in-depth interviewing techniques, person-based longitudinal data analysis and multi-level modeling. He also has experience examining large datasets on men’s health-related topics including the National Longitudinal Survey of Adolescent Health, the National Ambulatory Medical Care Surveys, the National Survey of Adolescent Males and the National Survey of Family Growth. He has also been funded through the NIH’s NICHD career development K23 mechanism to study teen males’ barriers and access to reproductive health care. 

Dr. Marcell is Faculty Sponsor for the School's Certificate in Adolescent Health:

He is the Lead Instructor for the courses:

Masculinity, Sexual Behavior & Health: Adolescence & beyond (380.720.01):

Dr. Marcell is Faculty & Director of Clinical Services in the JHU LEAH (Leadership Education in Adolescent Health) & the Director of the Title X Program at the Harriet Lane Clinic.

JHU LEAH is a multi-disciplinary training program funded by the MCHB for fellows in medicine, nursing, social work, nutrition and psychology and it emphasizes clinical, public health and research training on adolescent health. Contact Pam Shinnick at to get added to listserve. General information about this program can be found at

LEAH educational activities are held each Friday morning from 9-12 typically at 200 N. Wolfe St (Rubinstein Bldg), 2nd Floor Main Conference Room. Any student with an interest in adolescent health is welcome to participate in any of its educational activities. The educational schedule can be found under the "Pages" tab on the right side of the wordpress website. For more information, please contact Pam Shinnick at 

Honors and Awards

Teaching Excellence, Bloomberg School of Public Health, Term 2 | 2010-11, 2011-12, 2013-14, 2014-15 for Masculinity, Sexual Behavior & Health: Adolescence & beyond 

Teaching Excellence, Bloomberg School of Public Health, Term 4 | 2010-11 for Seminar on Adolescent Health

  • Adolescent health Sexual &
  • reproductive health Health care utilization Male health

Selected publications from the last few years:

  • Casey F, Sonenstein FL, Astone N, Pleck JH, Dariotis, J, Marcell AV. Men aged 35-39 in need of family planning and preconception health, NSAM Wave 4. Am J Men’s Health. (accepted Oct 2014).

  • Same RV, Bell DL, Rosenthal SL, Marcell AV. Are young men willing to talk with their regular provider about sexual and reproductive health care? American Journal of Preventive Medicine. (Epub: June 17 2014). 2014;47(2):175-81. PMID: 24951042.

  • Marcell AV, Allan E, Watson C, Sonenstein FL. Effectiveness of a brief curriculum to promote condom and health care use among out-of-school young adult males. Perspectives Sexual Reproductive Health. 2013;45(1):33-40. (Epub: Feb 11 2013). PMID: 23489856.

  • Marcell AV, Ellen JM. Core sexual/reproductive health care to deliver to male adolescents: Perceptions of clinicians focused on male health. Journal of Adolescent Health. 2012;51(1):38-44.

  • Marcell AV and the National Male Training Center for Family Planning and Reproductive Health. Preventive male sexual and reproductive health care: A summary of service recommendations for clinical practice. Philadelphia, PA: The National Male Training Center for Family Planning and Reproductive Health and the Office of Family Planning; 2014. (Copyright).