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Akhilesh Pandey, MD

  • Genetic Medicine, Biological Chemistry, Oncology and Pathology
  • Professor

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733 N. Broadway
560 Miller Research Building
Baltimore, Maryland 21205


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The Pandey Lab is a systems biology lab that integrates molecular and cellular biology, genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics.

Signal Transduction and Cancer Biology: Cell surface receptors transmit signals to the interior of the cell upon binding to a ligand. We have cloned a number of signaling molecules that are involved in signal transduction through receptor tyrosine kinases and cytokine receptors. Combining molecular biology and quantitative proteomics including SILAC and iTRAQ, our laboratory is dissecting these signaling pathways in various malignancies including lung cancer, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, gastric cancer, cholangiocarcinoma and leukemias.

MiRNA Biology: microRNAs have been shown to be critical for post-transcriptional regulation of the genome. By binding to mRNAs, miRNAs can modulate translation through mechanisms that are not yet fully elucidated. Using quantitative proteomics, our laboratory has successfully identified potential targets of microRNAs miR-21 and miR-143. We also generated SILAC mice to study the function of Dicer and its impact on global proteomic changes.

Mass Spectrometry: High resolution mass spectrometry has become a core technology for large scale analysis of the proteome, lipidome and metabolome. Targeted analysis of molecules of interest is an emerging technology for accurate quantitative analyses by applying MRM (multiple reaction monitoring) on triple quadrupole mass spectrometer. The Pandey lab has a special interest in developing mass spectrometric methods for highly sensitive and accurate detection of molecules.

Human Genome Analysis and Bioinformatics: Our research in bioinformatics mainly involves functional annotation of genomes, creation of databases, comparative genomics and experimental approaches for validating computational predictions. In collaboration with the Institute of Bioinformatics in Bangalore, India, we have developed several resources focusing on human proteins and pathways: Human Protein Reference Database catalogs all human proteins, their modular domain structures and interaction partners. NetPath is a curated resource of signal transduction pathways in humans. We have also initiated a community resource, Human Proteinpedia, to share and integrate protein data in humans.

Honors and Awards

Experimental Pathologist-in-training Award, American Society for Investigative Pathology, 1996 Howard Temin Award, National Cancer Institute, 1997 Sidney Kimmel Scholar Award, 2003 Beckman Young Investigator Award, 2004 DOD Era of Hope Scholar Award, 2006

  • Proteomics, bioinformatics, signal transduction, biomarkers, databases, systems biology, cancer, microRNA