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Sydney E. Morss Dy, MD

Physician Leader, Duffey Pain and Palliative Care Program, Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center

Associate Professor

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Health Policy and Management

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624 N. Broadway
Hampton House 609
Baltimore , Maryland   21205


Hopkins Cancer Pain and Palliative Care Program:

SciVal Experts Research Profile


MD , Stanford School of Medicine , 1995
MSc , Stanford School of Medicine , 1995


My interests are in quality of care, safety, and decision-making research, particularly in patients with serious and terminal illness and with a focus in cancer.  I am a co-developer of the Cancer Quality-ASSIST supportive care oncology quality measures and do quality measurement work in this and other fields. I am particularly interested in improving health systems and services in order to increase the appropriateness of technology and medication use. I am also interested in end-of-life health care policy, particularly with quality measurement. We do systematic literature reviews, primary data collection, analyses of secondary databases, and quality improvement. 

As a clinician active in program development and quality measurement and improvement, I helped develop and lead many of the first palliative care programs at Johns Hopkins, including the first Palliative Care Consultation Program in the Department of Medicine starting in 2000, the Consultation Program in Oncology in 2006, and the first outpatient clinic in 2007. I also served as Medical Director for our case management and hospice programs for many years. I currently am Physician Leader for the Duffey Family Pain and Palliative Care Program in Oncology, focusing mainly on the outpatient clinic three days a week.


Current and recent grants include:

- Evaluating supportive oncology and end-of-life quality indicators in the Veterans Health Administration and in a large national cancer dataset;

- Developing and testing software to collect patient-reported outcome data in hospice and oncology care;

- Developing a framework for quality measurement in people with multiple chronic conditions;

- Evaluating the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Quality Indicators;

- Evaluating the process-outcome relationship in quality of care;

- Evaluating electronic health record-based measures for overuse of technology.


Health Policy and Management, quality of care, quality improvement, quality measurement, quality indicators, palliative care, end of life care, pain, symptoms, hospice, oncology, communication, decision-making, patient safety, hospital, patient-reported outcomes, information technology, medications, comparative effectiveness, health services research, Medicare, systematic reviews, consensus processes, technology, cancer

    Some recent open-access publications:

    Our  Evidence-Based Practice Center report on the evidence for palliative care interventions:

    and our Open-Access Annals of Internal Medicine supplement on patient safety strategies:

    Our report on a framework for evaluating care transitions interventions: