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Terry Brown, PhD

  • Professor

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615 N. Wolfe Street
Room W3102
Baltimore, Maryland 21205


SciVal Experts Research Profile


PhD, Pennsylvania State University, 1976


Changes occur in the sensitivity of the individual lobes of the rat prostate to androgen during aging. These studies provide a fundamental basis for studies of cell proliferation and cell death related to age-dependent alterations in tissue- and cell-specific structure and function associated with carcinogenesis and hyperplasia of the prostate. We are currerntly investigating the regulation of stem/progenitor cell renewal, proliferation and differentiation in the aging prostate. We are particularly interested in how the stromal-epithelial cell microenvironment influences the quiescence and proliferation of stem/progenitor cells relative to the pathogenesis of prostatic hyperplasia in aging rats and men.

A second project focuses upon spermatogenesis and its dependence upon adequate levels of intratesticular androgen, primarily testosterone, and how the androgen receptor mediates the actions of androgens in Sertoli cells. Our goal is to identify and characterize the transcription factors that regulate AR gene expression and other factors that interact with AR to facilitate or repress its activity in the regulation of androgen-dependent genes in the testis.

Honors and Awards

President, American Society of Andrology 2007-08 President, Faculty Senate, Bloomberg School of Public Health 2009-10

  • Biochemistry and molecular biology reproductive biology androgens androgen receptor prostate testis male reproduction
  • Gene expression changes are age-dependent and lobe-specific in the brown Norway rat model of prostatic hyperplasia. Bethel CR, Chaudhary J, Anway MD, Brown TR. Prostate. 2009 Jun 1;69(8):838-50.

  • Differential age-associated regulation of clusterin expression in prostate lobes of brown Norway rats. Omwancha J, Anway MD, Brown TR. Prostate. 2009 Feb 1;69(2):115-25.

  • Regulation of energy metabolism pathways by estrogens and estrogenic chemicals and potential implications in obesity associated with increased exposure to endocrine disruptors. Chen JQ, Brown TR, Russo J. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2009 Jul;1793(7):1128-43.

  • Mechanisms of hormone carcinogenesis: evolution of views, role of mitochondria. Chen JQ, Brown TR, Yager JD. Adv Exp Med Biol. 2008;630:1-18. Review.

  • Effect of glutathione depletion on Leydig cell steroidogenesis in young and old brown Norway rats. Chen H, Pechenino AS, Liu J, Beattie MC, Brown TR, Zirkin BR. Endocrinology. 2008 May;149(5):2612-9.