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Geetha Jayaram, MD

Physician Advisor

Associate Professor

Departmental Affiliation(s):

School of Medicine (Primary)
Health Policy and Management (Joint)

Center & Institute Affiliation(s):

Contact Information

Meyer 4-181, Johns Hopkins Hospital
Baltimore , Maryland


SciVal Experts Research Profile




Interest in health services research, severe mental illness, patient safety and quality of care. Interested in teaching these concepts. Also working on preventing injury to patients and staff, avoiding medical errors. Interested in humanitarian work in poorer countries with foundation grants.

Honors and Awards


State Honors for ranking 3rd and 8th in the state in English, and Social Sciences, National College, Bangalore, India 1965-1968.

First prize in English for undergraduate college, Prizes in Poetry, Art, Elocution in college. 1965-1968

Awarded Gold Medal in Dermatology at the All India Conference of Dermatologists for ranking first in an All India competitive exam 1968–1974

Awarded Annual Family Practice Teaching Certificate by the American Academy of Family Physicians to those who have given at least 75 hours per year in teaching on a voluntary basis in a setting of family practice education 1982 Awarded the Gold Award at the Hospital and Community Psychiatry Institute at Philadelphia for a program in community psychiatry. 1989 APA Fellowship (Distinguished Fellow) 1990

District Governor’s award for humanitarian service in Rotary 1997-1999

Rotary 4 way test Award 1997-1998

Association of Physicians from India Award 2001

Indo-American Psychiatric Association National Service Award for Leadership 2002

  • rural mental health
  • community psychiatry
  • severe mental illness
  • humanitarian project
  • suicide prevention

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