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Fannie Fonseca-Becker, DrPH

  • Associate Scientist

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111 Market Place, Suite 310
Baltimore, Maryland 21202


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DrPH, Johns Hopkins University, 2000
MPH, Johns Hopkins University


My research goal is to contribute to improved access to quality health care for underserved Latino and other minority populations through: (1) the development of appropriate methodologies that increase the sustainability of community health care programs by improving their in-house capacity in monitoring and evaluation; (2) studying the role that social networks play in the health seeking behavior of the US Latino population, and specifically, regarding chronic disease preventive behaviors; (3) identifying the predictors of health competence with aim of increasing access to care for the growing US Latino population.                            

Since 2007 I have been teaching the first course  at JHBSPH concentrating on "Latino Health: Measures and Predictors". Course #410.660.                                     

As Director of the JH/J&J Community Health Scholars Program , I have trained and supervised over 70 doctoral students, and developed methodologies specific for building community health care organizations' in-house capacity in evaluation. In April 2008, a book I wrote on this subject was published by Springer. Information on this book can be found at  Additional information on the J&J Community Health Scholars Program at http:/ 

Honors and Awards

Appointed to the Johns Hopkins University Diversity Leadership Council (2012)

Hopkins Center for Health Disparities Solutions, Core Faculty (2010)

National Hispanic Health Professsional Leadership Award (2008), National Hispanic Medical Association.

President, Latino Caucus of the American Public Health Association, 2007-2009.

National Institutes of Health Pre-Doctoral Fellowship, 1997-1999.  

Academy for Nutrition and Dietetics, Public Health Scholarship, 1987-1988.                                               

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Board Certified RD, 1987.                                                                        

Elected to Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, 1987.

  • Capacity building in evaluation US Latino Health Hispanic Health sustainability of community health care programs community mobilization community health care programs cultural competence evaluation research evaluation methods social networks maternal health child health chilhood obesity prevention acess to health care for underserved populations minority health health disparities chronic disease prevention diabetes prevention HIV/AIDS
  • Fonseca-Becker, F., & Boore, A.L., (2008) "Community Health Care's O-Process for Evaluation: A Participatory Approach for Increasing Sustainability". Springer Publishers.

  • Munoz, B., O’Leary, M., Fonseca-Becker, F., et. al. (2008) “Knowledge of Diabetic Eye Disease and Vision Care Guidelines Among Hispanic Individuals in Baltimore With and Without Diabetes”. Archives of Ophthalmology. 126(7):968-974.

  • Fonseca-Becker, F., Perez-Patron, M.J., Munoz, B., O’Leary, M,, Rosario, E., West, S.K. (2007) “Health Competence as Predictor of Access to Care Among Latinos in Baltimore” Journal Immigrant Minority Health. 1557-1912 (Print), 1557-1920 (Online first),December 3, 2007.

  • Fonseca-Becker, F., Valente, T.W., (2006) “Promoting breastfeeding in Bolivia: do social networks add to the predictive value of traditional socioeconomic characteristics?” Journal of Population, Health and Nutrition. 24(1):71-80.

  • Becker, S., Fonseca-Becker, F. Schenck-Yglesias, C. (2006) "Husband’s and Wives Reports of Women’s Decision Making Power in Western Guatemala and their Effect on Preventive Behaviors.” Social Science & Medicine 62: 2313-2326.