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Tiffany L. Gary-Webb, PhD

  • Associate Professor - Adjunct

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615 N. Wolfe St.
Baltimore, Maryland 21205

(410) 614-8280
(410) 955-0863

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MHA, Johns Hopkins University
PhD, Johns Hopkins University


Epidemiology of diabetes and its complications; Minority health; Social/Environmental determinants of disease; Community-based interventions; Obesity

  • Tiffany Gary Epidemiology Minority Health Diabetes Social Determinants of Disease Community-based Interventions Obesity Health Disparities
  • 1. Baydoun MA, Gary TL, Caballero BH, Lawrence RS, Cheskin L, Wang Y. Ethnic Differences in Dairy and Related Nutrient Consumption among US Adults, and Their Association with Obesity, Central Obesity, and the Metabolic Syndrome. (In Press, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition)

  • 2. LaVeist TA, Thorpe R, Bowen-Reid T, Jackson J, Gary T, Gaskin DJ, Browne DC. Exploring Health Disparities in Integrated Communities: Overview of the EHDIC Study. Journal of Urban Health 2008, 85(1):11-21. (Electronic publication as of 11/13/07).

  • 3. Karter AJ, Stevens MR, Gregg EW, Brown AF, Tseng C-W, Marrero DG, Duru OK, Gary TL, Piette JD, Waitzfelder B, Herman WH, Beckles GL, Safford MM, Ettner SL. Educational Disparities in Rates of Smoking Among Diabetic Adults: The Translating Research Into Action for Diabetes Study. American Journal of Public Health 2008, 98(2): 365-70. (Electronic publication as of 6/28/07).

  • 4. Gary TL, Safford MM, Gerzoff RB, Ettner SL, Karter AJ, Beckles GL, Brown AF. Perception of Neighborhood Problems, Health Behaviors, and Diabetes Outcomes for Adults with Diabetes in Managed Care: The Translating Research Into Action for Diabetes (TRIAD) Study. Diabetes Care 2008, 31:273-278. (Electronic Publication as of 11/13/07).

  • 5. Ford JG, Howerton MW, Lai GY, Gary TL, Bolen S, Gibbons MC, Tilburt J, Baffi C, Tanpitukopongse P, Wilson RF, Powe NR, Bass EB. Recruiting Underrepresented Populations to Cancer Trials: A Systematic Review. Cancer 2008, 112(2):228-242. (Electronic publication as of 11/15/07).