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Steven C. LeClerq, BA

Field Director/JHU Representative

Research Associate

Departmental Affiliation(s):

International Health
Division: Human Nutrition

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Contact Information

615 North Wolfe St.
Baltimore , Maryland   21225


SciVal Experts Research Profile


BA , Carleton College , 1996


My research interests are focused on identifying effective, low-cost interventions to improve infant, child and maternal nutrition, health and survival in developing country contexts.

This research has been carried out through the Nepal Nutrition Intervention Project - Sarlahi (NNIPS) in the lowlands of Nepal, near the border with the Indian state of Bihar in a series of large community trials of micronutrient supplementation, with nested studies also investigating the effects of chlorhexadine wiping and cord care on infant survival, as well as ethnographic studies of local beliefs and practices relating to development of micronutrient deficiencies.

International Health, Human Nutrition, Nepal Nutrition Intervention Project, Vitamin A deficiency; micronutrient deficiency; nutritional epidemiology; clinical and community trials; intervention program evaluation.