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Population, Family and Reproductive Health

Focal Areas

The Department currently has six focal areas, including Adolescent Health; Child Health; Maternal, Fetal and Perinatal Health; Population and Health; Sexual and Reproductive Health; and Women’s Health.  In addition, Family Health and Urban Health are two emerging focal areas which will be further developed over the next academic year.  Further details regarding  the courses, research and publications of all the focal areas will be added soon.
Information regarding the structure of the focal areas within the department's degree programs can be found in the Department's Academic Guides

Adolescent Health Focal Area

Adolescent Health

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Child Health Focal Area

Child Health

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a healthy family

Family Health

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Maternal, Fetal, & Perinatal Health Focal Area

Maternal, Fetal, & Perinatal Health

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Population Health Focal Area

Population & Health

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Sexual and Reproductive Health Focal Area

Sexual & Reproductive Health

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Urban Health Focal Area

Urban Health

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Women's Health Focal Area

Women's Health

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