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International Health

 Health Systems

Registration for Health Systems Summer Institute Begins

Feb. 13

Understanding American Muslims Seminar

Feb. 15

Deadline for applications accepted into the MSPH program

March 1

Our program works to design systems and implement equitable and cost-effective strategies for delivering health care and health promotion interventions to disadvantaged and underserved communities in the U.S. and abroad.

The Health Systems' mandate is carried out through research, service, and training with and for the populations being served. Priority is given to populations stressed by economic, social, and political instability, many of which have also been displaced by conflict or natural disasters.

Our principal goal is to improve the capacity of communities to deliver the best possible preventive and curative care to their respective members. To accomplish this goal, our multidisciplinary faculty work in partnership with local governments and community leaders, ministries of health, community-based health and human service agencies, universities, and research institutes. 



Adnan Hyder, Health Systems Program Director

Professor Adnan Hyder introduces the Health Systems Program. He gives a short overview of the academic program and discusses the Program's research portfolio.